EXPERIFUN INNOVATION LAB is a unique and first of its kind comprehensive end to end solution to help shape the scientific bend in children and establish the culture of  ‘asking questions’ among children. The Innovation Lab brings together all the elements of a complete science education as shown below:

Science gadgets and products designed to use in classroom while introducing the concepts

Illustration and case study driven assignments workbook for class-work and homework


Real life problem solving and scientific discoveries through model making and science projects

Assessment and Report generation for each student and school


 Experifun Innovation Lab Includes:
  • Gadgets to explore concept working with real objects around
  • Case study and real life examples based workbook
  • DIY Kits for children to create working solutions to handle real life challenges
  • Teacher training workshop
  • Lesson Plan & User Manual
  • Activity Video
  • 1-year support & warranty
  • Assessment & Review
  • Report for every child as well as school
  • School Benchmarking with other schools

* We provide replacement guarantee for all our gadgets and products.