Computer Learning Kit
Grades 3 to 8

Activity Book

Make your program

Make your Computer

Be a Computer

Computer Learning Kit

Experifun Computer Learning Kit is a “first of its kind” integrated computer program for school children of grades 3 to 8. The program consists of computer curriculum activity book integrated with innovative board games to bring activity and exploration-based computer learning to classrooms.
The Computer Learning Kit has been designed to enable children learn different concepts through activities, games and exercises.

Computer Learning Kit Includes….

  • Activity book integrated with board games
  • Assessment & Review Report: Start/end of year
  • Activity-based teaching & learning
  • Session-wise coverage and lesson plan

Implementation Process

  1. Sign-up / Confirmation
  2. Pre – Implementation Assessment
  3. Teacher Training + Teacher Material (Experifun tuitors can teach based on project requirement)
  4. Student Material (Activity Book , Board Games & Accessories)
  5. Teacher Training Calendar
  6. Our periodic school visit and assessment
  7. Post Implementation Assessment
  8. Report, Review and Recommendations


  • Innovative, affordable and first of its kind
  • Free teacher training all year
  • No school infrastructure required
  • Co-branding with Experifun
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