Educational tech start-ups look to up products bouquet

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Bengaluru-based start-up Experifun Learning Solutions, which has developed science gadgets for easy and fun learning, plans to add more products to its kitty. The company has developed a box of tools, Caboodle, which contains various gadgets covering various science topics and help teachers conduct experiments in the classroom.

Currently, Experifun is deployed in about 100 schools across 10 states. Started in 2013, the company also has a presence in Philippines and Nigeria.

The products developed by Experifun look very similar to the science exhibits students are familiar with at school exhibitions. These are devices that do not require a very detailed guidance to use. For instance, there is a tool that shows how photosynthesis takes place. Once the device is attached to a leaf in day-light, the light on the device starts blinking.

The rate of blinking is directly proportional to the rate at which photosynthesis takes place in the leaf. “The schools, which use Caboodle devices, often get back and urge us to develop more products in specific areas,” said Vivek Pandey, one of the co-founder.

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