Experifun aiming at experimental learning

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For easy and effective learning, city schools are opting for ‘Experifun’, unique gadgets that will help students move away from rote learning. These unique gadgets help schools demystify science and give students an opportunity to explore and understand concepts of science. The present scenario of our education system focuses more on rote-based learning, in an attempt to bridge this gap through innovative ways, Experifun, India’s first science gadget company, launched gadgets that make learning effective for teachers and students in a classroom.

Experifun designs and develops curriculum-based affordable, innovative and exploratory gadgets and products for students from grades six to ten. Rakesh Kumar, co-founder of Experifun said, “In our schools, science is taught like history, students are taught the concepts but they don’t get to explore, experience or challenge. Our labs encourage children to find and verify what is written in the book. With Experifun, we have set out to create learning platforms to bring exploration capabilities to teachers and students in addition to ensuring affordability and suitability like cost, quality and reach-ability to rural schools in India.”

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