Two Engineers Design Kits to Teach Science

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Two IIT and IIM graduates have developed low-cost gadgets for use in science classrooms.

Experifun designs and develops curriculum-based exploratory gadgets that call for no additional infrastructure.

The kits allow students to engage in science experiments without the traditional lab infrastructure.

A simple gadget called Plantell beeps when it touches a leaf where photosynthesis is on. The faster the rate of photosynthesis, the faster the beeps.

Another gadget, called Insulator-Conductor, tells students which materials are good conductors of electricity and which are not.

MenDIYleev helps kids find out how the periodic table works, by teaching them the science behind creating tables.

“My partner and I were re-visiting IIM Ahmedabad. One of our professors asked us a very basic question, and we were both stumped. Here we were, two engineers and we couldn’t answer a fundamental science question. It got us thinking about how inefficient primary teaching in the country is,” Rakesh Kumar, co-founder, Experifun, told City Express.

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