Science is taught like History in our classrooms – no exploration or experimentation leads to Rote Learning. The Rote learning approach fails to instill creativity, curiosity and innovation and makes children lose interest. Unfortunately, our labs too fail to create a learning platform that helps nurture the scientists in our children and that makes us think, how do we get our Edison Alva’s, Newton’s, and Einstein’s?

Experifun aims to create ‘innovative thinkers’. In keeping with this philosophy of creating an enabling environment for children to innovate and learn , we present A first of its kind, innovation based learning platform for Science and Computer education that will ensure interactive and exploratory learning in classrooms.

Science Innovation labs Instill curiosity using Science learning that shows children that there are multiple ways to problem solve and create unique solutions using topics in the Curriculum. We view Science as a process where children innovate, create and learn along the way.

Integrated Computer Curriculum: Students take a journey on the Computer Express for an integrated learning experience through exploratory activities, board games and innovative lab sessions – all built around a train theme.


Rakesh Kumar, Co-founder & CEO

Rakesh drives the overall business and strategy at Experifun. Rakesh brings 15+ years of experience in India and abroad.
Rakesh is an alumnus of IIT BHU and IIM Ahmedabad.

Vivek Pandey, Co-founder

Vivek leads the innovation and product development at Experifun. He brings 16+ years of experience and jointly owns technology patents.
Vivek is an alumnus of IIT BHU.

Our Investors

Pearson Affordable Learning fund (PALF) is UK based impact fund to support affordable learning. Click here to know more

Village Capital (VilCap) is US based social fund.
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Our Board Memebers

Amar Kumar, SVP Pearson

Amar leads efficacy transformation initiative at Pearson. He also heads the global research team and leads some of Pearson’s investments in India. Prior to Pearson, Amar was with McKinsey and Company.

Manish Srivastava

Manish has served in various global companies across UK, Australia & India in senior roles. Manish is an alumnus of IIT and has undergone a year long leadership programme designed by Harvard Business School.