Experifun designs remedial programs for students weak in maths & science. Program focuses on developing subject interest, basic numeracy, confidence & cognitive skills among the children. As per ASER report, we have improved in students enrolment rate all over India, however 50% of our students still lack basic skills. Students are getting promoted to higher classes & schools are not able to give more time towards the slow learners. Most affected among those are the students from underprivileged backgrounds. We focus on such students and help them come to their peer learning level & integrate with the classroom.


  1. Need base survey
  2. Students Assessments (baseline – midline – endline)
  3. Remedial batches with specially trained teacher
  4. TLM & Hand made kit session with students
  5. Worksheet for students for extra practice
  6. Session monitoring & tracking
  7. School teacher training workshops
  8. Monthly & Quarterly reporting
  9. Impact evaluation

Intervention Video