Experifun STEM Center is designed & developed to provide experiential learning & instil curiosity among K-12 children. We cover curriculum based concepts from science, maths, computer & robotics. The STEM Center is offered with 3 different variants.


is a program which comes as a mobile STEM center. Models & products are designed in a way to bring lab to the classroom for experiential learning. Products are designed innovatively to solve issues of those schools who don’t have infrastructure to make separate STEM Lab.


is a program which comes with room infrastructure where models are placed. Models are bigger in size & helps teachers to explain the concept with experiment. It also allows students to apply their knowledge gained through experiment in making curriculum based models for exhibitions.


is a program which comes with ICT based infrastructure setup in a dedicated room. Along with performing experiments it allows teachers to show & teach through animation photos & videos. Internet connectivity links the classroom to the world’s knowledge system which could be explored as per curriculum & language.


Items Covered STEM Lite STEM Center ICT STEM Center
Subject Coverage Science & Maths Science,Maths,Computer & Robotics Science,Maths,English,Computer & Robotics
Concept Coverage 150+ 300+ 500+
Stem Models 50 150 150
Digital Content as per Curriculum & language No No Yes
Room Infrastructure No Yes Yes
TV/Digital Board/Integrated Flat Panel with Speaker System No No Yes
Tutor No Yes Yes
Impact Assessment No Yes Yes


  1. Curriculum based STEM models (ICSE, CBSE, State Board)
  2. Covers science, maths, english, computer & robotics
  3. Comes with lesson plan, instruction manuals & activity videos
  4. Delivered in curriculum language
  5. Online & Offline Teacher Training & 24 by 7 on call support
  6. Dedicated Tutor to conduct STEM sessions
  7. Children safe models
  1. Models reusability & strength is ensured
  2. School visits for program monitoring
  3. Impact assessment & program reporting for stakeholders
  4. Infrastructure setup as per the budget requirements
  5. Products delivery at the doorstep of the school
  6. Product installation by the experts & trainers
  7. On site product replacement warranty

Intervention Video