Teachers are an integral & crucial part of the education system. Teaching is seen not only as a profession but also as passion. To make the teacher efficient and learning effective, the teacher has to undergo a skill based training program. Teachers always need materials through which they can explain the concept. However many times they could not use it because of lack of usage training. With the increased use of technology in our day to day life, teachers have to forgo their traditional teaching practices and learn new teaching techniques. It has also been observed that students tend to score higher when teachers’ professional experience gets upgraded in Laboratory skills, Hands-on learning, Instructional technology & Formative assessments.

We, to make our programs sustainable & improve the students score, always provide hands-on & in depth training to school teachers. These training programs help the teachers not only to understand the provided first in class materials but also become easy for them to use materials during the classroom sessions effectively. We believe that our training program builds strong relationships between teachers & students, as we focus on designing our training sessions students centric.


  1. Delivered by our specialized trainers
  2. Organized at school campus
  3. Hands-on practice sessions for teachers
  4. Interactive & discussion based sessions
  5. Capacity building of teachers