Experifun Computer Express is designed & developed with the vision to bring NEP2020 in the schools. We have blended theoretical knowledge along with practical sessions which gives the exposure to learn logic, algorithms, problem solving, decision making & critical thinking skills among students.


  1. Desktop / Laptop
  2. Internet Connectivity
  3. Room Infrastructure
  4. Computer Activity Books
  5. Computer Activity Hands-on Games
  6. Scratch & Python Programming


  1. Best designed curriculum based on international standard
  2. Comes with lesson plan, instruction manuals & activity videos
  3. Online & Offline Teacher Training & 24 by 7 on call support
  4. Dedicated Tutor to conduct STEM sessions
  5. School visits for program monitoring
  6. Impact assessment & program reporting for stakeholders
  7. Infrastructure setup as per the budget requirements
  8. Products delivery at the doorstep of the school
  9. Product installation by the experts & trainers
  10. On site product replacement warranty